CFP Digital methods as influences on research design in geography

RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Royal Geographical Society, London

Wednesday 30 August – Friday 1 September 2017

Call for Papers (Deadline Monday 6th February, 2017)

Digital technologies are changing the world we live in and how we as researchers can interact and view it.   These technological changes are enabling a wide range of experiments in research methods. This session invites papers that reflect on the experience of using digital technologies to design new methods, or to significantly modify existing methods, in human geography. The session will explore what kinds of data and analysis are afforded by specific digital technologies, and what these can contribute to producing geographical knowledges.

We are interested in hearing what kind of research questions are developing as a consequence of this evolving digital world.  How are researchers utilising new digital technologies (eg smart clothing, cameraphones, crowdsourcing platforms) as research techniques?  How is the application of new digital technologies in society steering new approaches to research design? As a result of these activities distinctive ethical issues may also materialise which are of interest. Central to discussion should be how the digital impacts and influences the research rather than a presentation of your research findings.   This sessions offers a platform during this exciting time of diversity and dynamics as a consequence of the digital in geography research.


Megan Palmer-Abbs (University of Aberdeen) and Prof Gillian Rose (Open University)


We propose a 15 minute presentation followed by a 5 minute QA session.  Abstracts not exceeding 200 words, including the presentation’s title, authors and their affiliations, should be sent to and   by 6 February 2017