Teaching resources

This page carries a range of resources for teaching digital geographies.
The resources were generously shared after an appeal by the DGWG Committee in November 2017. If you use them, please attribute appropriately; and if you’d like to share a resource from your own teaching, please get in touch here.

Gender and Information Technology
Course Contributed by Anna Lauren Hoffmann, University of Washington

Geography 8400: Critical Issues in Human Geography – The Social Power Of Algorithms
Course syllabus contributed by Nancy Ettlinger, Ohio State University

GEO109: Digital Mapping
Course syllabus contributed by Jeremy Crampton, Newcastle University (formerly University of Kentucky)

Geography 719:
 Mapping: Drawing and Tracing
Course syllabus contributed by Matthew W. Wilson, University of Kentucky

GEO719: Digital Geographies (MZ)
Course syllabus contributed by Matthew Zook University of Kentucky

Geography 258: Digital Geographies (SE)
Course syllabus contributed by Sarah Elwood University of Washington

Geog2011/Geog2011L: Introduction to Geographic Information Science
Course syllabus contributed by Dr. Jerry Shannon, University of Georgia

7AAVMAPS Maps, Apps and the GeoWeb: Introduction to Spatial Humanities.
Elective module for postgraduate Masters students contributed by Stuart Dunn from the Department of Digital Humanities at KCL

GG4572: Digital Geographies
Undergraduate module coordinated Mark Beecroft and Caitlin Cottrill (contributed by Megan Palmerabbs), University of Aberdeen

HIS355: Re-Imagining The History Of Modern South Africa

 Handbook to a syllabus taught using digital tools, contributed by Stephen Davis, University of Kentucky. Steve has also pointed us to some examples of student work on Precolonial/Colonial neighbourhoods in Cape Town here and here, and on Post-Apartheid Housing here. Images: 3D landscape of Cape Town rendered from satellite topography surveys in Minecraft, and a 3D screen cap of Cape Town in Google Earth, Stephen Davies.

GEOG675: Cities, Universities and the Development Process
Course syllabus contributed by Kris Olds, University of Wisconsin

Researching with Media
Course handbook on analysing media including internet forums and YouTube, contributed by Eric Laurier and Julie Cupples, University of Edinburgh.

NMDS5223: Maps as Media
Course syllabus contributed by Shannon Mattern, New School New York, matterns@newschool.edu
The course website is here: Schedule + Readings

NMDS6972: Urban Intelligence
Course syllabus contributed by Shannon Mattern, New School New York. The course website is here: Urban Intelligence. Shannon Mattern’s website also hosts an archived course on urban media archeology:

Archived Course: Urban Media Archaeology contributed by Shannon Mattern, New School New York.

Centre for Spatially Integrated Social Science
Spatial resources for the social sciences

Mark Graham co-wrote a song about his digital geographies research, which will brighten up any lecture. Listen to it here

Sources waiting on additional information

GEOG 105: The Digital Earth and GEOG 412: Geospatial Technologies and Society
Course syllabi contributed by Julie Cidell, University of Illinois